'LEMMY'. Nuchter opgemerkt.

In de reeks ‘uitstekende metaldocumentaires’ brengt Acht na het portret van Ozzy Osbourne deze week Lemmy, een film over leven en werk van de frontman van Motörhead. Enkele quotes van de man om op te warmen.

Vrijdag 8/6, 21.35 – Acht

‘My earliest memory is shouting: at what and for what reason, I don’t know. Probably a tantrum; or I may have been rehearsing. I was always an early starter.’ (over zijn kindertijd)

‘I was driving and I said: ‘Which way are we going? There’s four roads ahead of us.’ And they said: ‘No Lemmy, there is only one!’ I carried on driving and took another tab of acid. I though it might help.’ (over zijn lsd-gebruik in de jaren 60 en 70)

‘I am never hung over, because I am never entirely sober.’ (over zijn alcoholverslaving, die hij kreeg nadat hij halverwege de jaren 70 de drugs had opgegeven)

‘I’m the least Nazi person you could ever meet. I’m the total opposite of a Nazi. It’s just that they had the best uniforms, the best gear. You wouldn’t want to collect the Belgian army uniforms would you?’ (over zijn uitgebreide verzameling nazimemorabilia)

‘Me and my roadie Graham went with this girl one night and the next night… I was young, I was a fool. I met him when he was about eight. He didn’t look like me. But then he didn’t look like Graham either. Maybe it was a third party. Under cover of dark-ness.’ (over zijn ‘halve’ kind in Frankrijk)

‘I believe in the royal family. They may be blockheads, some of them, but at least they’re trained blockheads. From the day they’re born they’re train-ed.’ (over de Britse koninklijke familie)

‘We’re very political. I hate the lot of them. I can’t imagine why any rock band would embrace any political movement. Fuck that shit, you’re supposed to run straight from that!’ (over de politieke boodschap in zijn muziek)

‘Safe sex, safe music, safe clothing, safe hairspray… Too late! Everything that’s been achieved in the history of mankind has been achieved by not being safe.’

‘Of course I do? I’m 60, man. What the fuck’s up with you?’ (op de vraag of hij Viagra gebruikt)

‘What’s the problem? There is no ‘lasts too long’. I can stand it if they can.’ (op de vraag of hij nooit problemen heeft dat het pilletje niet uitgewerkt raakt)

‘I didn’t threaten him. I just said it would be difficult for him to kneel down and get his floppy disk with a screwdriver through both knees.’ (op de vraag of hij een journalist die geschreven had dat hij biseksueel is echt had bedreigd)

‘If you think you are too old to rock ’n roll then you are.’

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