Internationale reacties op ‘Le gamin au vélo’

De eerste internationale reacties op ‘Le Gamin au Vélo’ beloven veel goeds voor de gebroeders Dardenne in Cannes.

Dit weekend werd ‘Le gamin au vélo’ van de Waalse broers Dardenne door het Cannes-publiek onthaald met een lange staande ovatie. De internationale reacties op ‘Le gamin au vélo’ (ofwel ‘The Kid With A Bike’) doen hopen op een derde Gouden Palm. Vooral de acteerprestaties van Cécile de France en de jonge Thomas Doret en het tempo van de film vallen in de smaak bij de internationale pers. Knack Focus sprokkelde een aantal internationale reacties bijeen:

‘With customary restraint, the Dardenne brothers have added yet another exquisite entry to their masterful body of work.’

‘Without ever articulating it in words, the film over and over again illustrates with wrenching effectiveness every child’s primal hunger for parental love and acceptance.’

The Hollywood Reporter

‘The story takes a number of distinct turns. Some are a bit more guessable than others, and the ending veers just a little towards the sentimental. But what’s never in doubt is the sharpness and concision of the storytelling. Not a shot seems unnecessary.’

‘The Kid With A Bike is a wholly gripping, emotionally acute work of humanistic cinema.’

The Telegraph

‘Belgium’s Dardenne brothers make movies that remind you the most compelling stories are unfolding right outside your window, rather than in outer space, the distant past or wherever cinema usually takes us. But rather than diminishing the medium, they elevate it, as in “The Kid With a Bike,” another fest-ready, arthouse-bound neorealist snapshot that subtly echoes virtual soul brother Vittorio de Sica’s “Shoeshine” and “Bicycle Thieves”.’


‘The Kid With a Bike restates the Dardennes’ style so emphatically it is almost like Monet repainting his lilies.’

‘So there are flaws, and yet the Dardennes’ tough, spare, almost haunted storytelling style was much in evidence.’

The Guardian

‘Le Gamin au vélo semblera anodin à tous ceux qui pensent que les Dardenne ne voient en l’été qu’une forme de rémission. Les autres, qui voient combien leur direction d’acteurs est toujours infaillible et combien cette histoire possède un caractère poignant inversement proportionnel à la longueur des manches de chemise en été, placeront ce septième long métrage du tandem belge parmi ses meilleurs.’


‘After the slightly sub-par Lorna’s Silence (2008), the brothers are back on peerless form with this story of innocence betrayed and befriended, which must count as one of the best films about childhood since Kes – or for that matter Bicycle Thieves, to which it surely nods.’

Screen Daily

‘Another big runner up for the Palme D’Or, The Kid with a Bike is a perfect example of how moving cinema truly can be.’

The Film Stage

‘We have the programmers to thank for one of the finest films in competition so far, “The Kid With a Bike,” yet another strong movie from the Belgian brothers Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne (who won the Palme d’Or for both “Rosetta” and “L’Enfant”), which, maddeningly, has earned polite yawns.’

The New York Times

‘Un sommet de cinéma digne, subtil et émouvant car dépouillé de tout effet larmoyant. Leur plus beau film à ce jour!’


‘Le gamin au vélo’ verschijnt woensdag 18 mei in de Belgische bioscopen.


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